Bubble Blower – Handmade


Handmade in Sheffield, a Bubble Blower which make great childrens christening gifts.

They are 105mm tall  and made from silver plated copper, cork and a glass centre. Featured in this picture with a Kaleidoscope.

Please be advised that the bubble blower is not a toy and children should be supervised at all times with this product.

This beautiful, handmade bubble blower features tactile surface detailing and is fully working. This item would make a lovely Christening gift.

Bubble blowers are among the oldest and most popular children’s toys. Even poor families could find wire to twist into a circle and soap for blowing bubbles.

Seventeenth Century Flemish painters depicted children blowing bubbles with clay pipes. Generations of 18th and 19th Century mothers gave their children their leftover washing soap to blow bubbles. The beginning of the 20th Century saw street peddlers start to sell blowers as toys.

In the early 1940s, chemical company Chemtoy revolutionised the toy world by selling bottled bubble solution. This idea was soon used by other companies to put the toy into retail distribution. The 1960s saw bubbles become a symbol of peace and harmony, alongside hippies and flower children. Bubble blowers remain a sure source of entertainment to this day.



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