Silver and cubic zirconium ‘inspiration’ pendant


Rectangular sterling silver pendant with cubic zirconium detailing. White and citrine coloured stones as opposed to those pictured.

Dimensions of pendant: 35x15mm.

This silver and cubic zirconium ‘inspiration’ pendant has a range of unique features which are sure to make it a talking point and statement piece for any jewellery enthusiast.

The pendant has a rustic surface texture onto which is layered organic silver details climbing the length of the piece. Within the entwined lines and barnacle-like features are set different sized cubic zirconium stones. These stones give the rough surface a subtle shimmer that will catch the light, whilst the silver metal alongside the pure white cubic zirconium ensure this piece is suitable for any outfit!

Cubic zirconium is a flawless diamond substitute. Though it is available in a natural form, most is artificial and has been developed in scientific fields for its use in lasers. It has also become a jewellery favourite in pieces such as these beautiful stacking rings.


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