Sleek sterling silver with subtle chalcedony detail.

Chalcedony and sterling silver drop pendant


The subtle blue gemstone chalcedony sits in teardrop form within this sterling silver setting.

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This chalcedony pendant features a lightly coloured blue stone encased within a sleek, sterling silver setting. Chalcedony has a waxy luster, and may be semitransparent or translucent. Here it takes on a subtle blue tone which acts as an adaptable shade that can be teamed with a range of other colours and metals. The slightly unusual teardrop shape of the stone, meanwhile, gives it another individual edge.

As early as the Bronze Age this stone was in use in the Mediterranean region. Fine examples of first century objects made from chalcedony were found in recent years in north-western Afghanistan. Hot wax would not stick to it so it was often used to make seal impressions. The term ‘chalcedony’ is derived from the name of the ancient Greek town Chalkedon, in modern English usually spelled Chalcedon – today a district of Istanbul.

Teardrop Chalcedony Pendant P1583



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