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Faceted green amethyst ring


Sterling silver ring with faceted green amethyst.

Stone dimensions: 10x15mm.


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  • If you require a different ring size, please enquire by telephone 0161 831 7613.

A lovely statement piece! Rather than the typical purple amethyst, this stone is a subtle green tone. The extra facets mean that the light is reflected in all directions from this green amethyst ring, giving a brilliant shine through the raised stone.

This large gem is set upon a fine sterling silver band whose shape mimics that of a tree branch or root giving an organic feel to the piece – complimenting the green stone.

Throughout history amethyst has been used to guard against drunkenness and is thought to be helpful in overcoming addiction. It has been used for hearing disorders, insomnia, headaches and other pain. Some sources suggest it is used to stabilize mental disorders.

Worn to make the wearer gentle and amiable. Amethyst powers include: dreams, healing, peace, love, spiritual upliftment, courage, psychism, protection against thieves, and happiness.


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